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Black and white image from what is now Mawby's Lane between the Church and the Almshouses (shows walls of both) looking down at the Moat House from 1920s.  Includes a young man with a bicycle and a child (at site of current bus shelter).
This view of the Moat House is no longer possible due to both hedging on Mawby's Lane and trees in front of the Moat House.

Object Title: Postcard of 'Church Hill' showing Moat House


The SJM Collection includes a Moat House postcard (AMSJM:2013.1) and a notebook and associated letters (AMSJM:2021.10) from the 1910s exploring Moat House history.
The SJM Digital Collection includes several Moat House images which their owners have made available to us.
Previous owners Jon & Marilyn Dunkelman created a website about the Moat House. This with its associated gallery pages has information and images not elsewhere available.
See also the Appleby Magna history website. This has information on the Moat House.

Associated era: 20th Century