Through Community





This September, we're looking forward to installing eight heritage information boards around Appleby Magna.

This project was completed during lock-down by our Local History Café group.

In the absence of being able to host our usual Heritage Open Days, these boards will help us to celebrate our local history. Thank you to all our volunteers who supported this project.

We hope you enjoy it!





The building has always played a part in the lives of local people and since 2004 the Foundation has reclaimed that role by providing a range of activities and opportunities that work across age groups and interests, and encouraging and supporting community groups with their own clubs, events and activities, and in coming together.

In 2019 our Local History Café Extended group, supported by the Sandford Cascade Informal Learning Programme, created the Appleby Heritage Map. This has been enjoyed by many, including students of the school. 



Regional Heritage Awards for Partnership and Community Work, 2019